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You can depend on Country Style Cookers for reconditioned Aga range cookers. If you’ve been searching for a used Aga range cooker, browse our easy-to-use website now.

These appliances are popular throughout the UK because they operate by storing heat continuously until it’s needed for cooking. There’s no need to wait for the oven to heat up, because it’s ready when you are. Many experienced and beginning chefs praise the cooking process because it helps food retain moisture and flavour, too. The refurbished Agas range cookers available at our website fit your budget and make it easier to add one of these cooking appliances to your home for the first time, or replace an old one.

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Country Style Cookers Ltd. was established in 1998. Together, our staff members have over five decades of combined experience in working with Reconditioned Agas and Rayburn range cookers.

If you live within a 150-mile radius of our physical site in Hereford, UK, the prices you see for our reconditioned Aga cookers include delivery and assembly on site. Upon placing an order, you'll need to pay a £500 deposit, and then give the remaining balance on the day your unit is delivered.

Since our founding we have focused on offering renovated Agas and Rayburns in an appealing range of colours and varieties. Start shopping now and discover why it makes sense to buy from us. We're ready to meet your needs in convenient ways.

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