Aga Tech Details

The following Aga cookers technical details will ensure we can perform proper installation of your unit. If any of these specifications is not carried out, we will only be able to deliver your unit without installing it.

Existing chimney: Your chimney flue must be aligned with five-inch flexible flue liner. If you have a prefabricated flue, a five-inch double insulated liner is required. Although the flue may exit either horizontally or vertically from your unit, its centre must be 18 3/8″ from the cooker’s right edge, and two-and-a-half inches from the back. A verdette cowl is strongly recommended.

Ventilation: At minimum, the accompanying air vent must be at least 10 square centimetres and able to access air that’s directly located outside the room where your appliance is situated.

All our reconditioned Aga cookers are delivered in kit form, our Aga engineers will deliver and build on site.

For a 2 oven delivery £400 incl. VAT
For a 4 oven delivery £500 incl. VAT

Within a 150 mile radius from us (outside 150 miles POA)

2 oven PLINTH 50MM/60MM/70MM/80MM – £150 incl. VAT
4 oven PLINTH 50MM/60MM/70MM/80MM – £200C incl. VAT

Fuel: Level-differential cooker and fuel tank outlet should be at least 18 inches in diameter. Your oil control valve should be approximately four inches wide and can be on either side of the tank, up to five feet away.

The feed pipe that connects to the Aga is 10 mm in diameter and intended for use with 28-second heating oil. The oil supply must be ready to turn on when we arrive, and the acting fire valve (65 degree KBB) must be outside the building where the oil line is located, with the sensor nearest your cooker. Current regulations dictate that remotes must protect oil supply lines.

Hot Water: If your Aga has a hot water facility, it must be connected to an indirect gravity flow system. Water pipes are 28 mm in diameter, and may exit from either the right or left side of the cooker. In order to avoid losing heat efficiency, the hot water tank should be no more than 18 feet away. The dimensions for the flow and return pipes are available on the application.

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Plinth: The cooker must be positioned on a level surface made from noncombustible materials. Recommended plinth depth is 26 inches. However, if you have a deluxe model, the recommended depth increases to 27 inches. The plinth width should be 38 and 7/8ths inches for a deluxe double oven, and 58 and 5/8th inches for a four-oven unit. Plinth height is optional.

Fitting: Installation is completed by trained professionals and includes labor costs. We expect to arrive at a fully prepared site that meets the above specifications, with water pipes ready for a plumber to connect.

Commissioning costs are £200 + VAT, and an additional £50 + VAT charge for water if your pipes are within a meter from the cooker. Flue materials, including any necessary vitreous flue pipe, and costs associated with building, plumbing, or oil installation work are not included in our charges. The Aga will arrive at your residence in pieces, and be built on-site.

The above Aga cookers technical details should be used to guide you in preparing your home prior to a delivery, and always be in compliance with local building regulations.

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