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Did you know that Aga stands for Aktiebolaget Gas Accumulator? The re-conditioned Aga Aga available from Country Style Cookers come in many different fuels i.e., solid fuel, oil, gas (natural & LPG) and 13 amp electric (cook only).There are 3 main styles of cookers, which we can supply. You have the Aga traditional or sometimes called the Aga standard. The Aga pre 74 deluxe and the Aga post 74 deluxe. Any of these cookers can be re-built to your own specifications i.e. colour, fuel, cooking only or cooking and domestic hot water. Please find the colours available in our colour chart.

All our reconditioned Aga cookers are delivered in kit form, our Aga engineers will deliver and build on site.

For a 2 oven delivery £400 incl. VAT
For a 4 oven delivery £500 incl. VAT

Within a 150 mile radius from us (outside 150 miles POA)

2 oven PLINTH 50MM/60MM/70MM/80MM – £150 incl. VAT
4 oven PLINTH 50MM/60MM/70MM/80MM – £200C incl. VAT

A quick explanation of the re-conditioning process at Country Style Cookers LTD. Once an order has been placed with us we will completely strip one of our cookers on site. All the old packing, chrome, lid liners, door liners and old boilers get taken to the recycling depot to be melted down and re-used. The front, doors, tops and any other parts which will need re-enamelling all get sent away to the vitreous enamellers to get re-enamelled to the colour of your choice. We order brand new door liners, lid liners, sides (which are powder coated), galvanised back, new oil valves and boiler if needed. The ovens and base will get sand blasted inside and out to get rid of any scaling, rust and old cooking fat. The boiling and simmering plate get machined level to ensure a good contact with the pots and pans. Once the cooker has come back from the enamellers our fully trained engineers will carefully build the Aga as an empty shell to make sure everything fits, as it should. Once we have agreed on a date for delivery. Your Aga will be delivered in pieces and will be built on site. If you required as long as the chimney is lined and the oil line is alongside the cooker we can install at the same time.

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The Aga is a marvellous invention, which appeals to a variety of different people. The man behind this simple but very effective design is Dr. Gustaf Dalen a noble prizewinner in 1922. He designed the Aga to help his wife out after being blinded by one of his early experiments. After the accident he was pretty much house bound. Leaving his wife to deal with everything he decided to create her a cooker which could cope with all aspects of cooking techniques. It will give out constant heat throughout their house and also help with the washing, drying and pressing of your laundry. If you have the hot water option it will not only do you hot water for your washing it will do the water for your dishes and personal washing as well. It is true what so many people say about the cooking of these appliances, which is “food tastes better cooked on the range”.

The beauty of the Aga cooking is that it keeps the moisture in the cooking without making it soggy, also with the odours of cooking going up the flue pipe it is possible to cook savoury and sweet dishes at the same time. There are many books available which will help you get the most out of your cooker.

Although the design was finished in 1922 the cosmetics of the cooker has not really changed after all these years, its like the phrase say’s “if it’s not broken why fix it”.