No. It is not necessary for you to supply the cooker which you would need re-conditioning. We can re-condition your own cooker but unless you can get the whole cooker sent to us, it is cheaper to have one of the same models we have in stock re-conditioned and we take yours in part exchange. The advantages of doing it this way is that you can still use the cooker you have until the new one arrives, we can exchange them on the day.

We can install all of the electric converted cookers we delivery which are included in the price. We can install oil, gas and solid fuel models, as long as (you are within a 150 mile radius from us) and the site is up to specification as per installation instructions. Please note that we do not have the certificates to connect any water pipes. If the engineer who is due to install the cooker feels that the site isn’t up to specifications he has the right to refuse the commissioning.

Every cooker that we supply, we do require a deposit of £1000 to be paid on date of order. The outstanding balanced is to be paid on delivery, if there isn’t a means of paying the cooker will be brought back to the workshop and delivered at a later date with another delivery charge added to the balance. If you are coming to pick your cooker up or having it delivered by courier, the balance must be paid before the cooker leaves our premises.

The standard colours are cheaper than the specialist ones. This is due to the company which enamel the cookers. They charge us more money for the specialist colours. (Please see the cooker model you are after and scroll down to see the colours available).

At Country Style Cookers LTD. The cast iron panels i.e., the front, doors, tops and lids, are all re-enamelled in your chosen colour. The oven carcasses are sandblasted back to bare cast iron. All the other components are discarded and sent to the local scrap metal merchants to get melted down and re-used. We then replace the steel, aluminium and chrome parts with brand new parts.

It works out cheaper and more convenient because, if you wanted us to come and take the old cooker away you would be billed for the collection the same amount as we have quoted for delivery. If we re-condition one of our own you would only have to pay the delivery charge minus what we have quoted for the part exchange.