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Aga Deluxe

The Aga Deluxe was introduced in the late 60’s. Originally available as a solid fuel, oil or gas fired, and due to recent developments it can now also be available as 13 amp electrical powered. The Aga was made in a two oven and a four oven model, used either for cooking only or with the option for domestic hot water (hot water option is not available with the electric powered model).

There is no difference between hot plate and oven sizes or performance levels in relation to a traditional Aga. The main difference is purely cosmetic as it was designed with more subtle edges, and with a more contemporary front, which gives it a more modern look.

All our reconditioned Aga cookers are delivered in kit form, our Aga engineers will deliver and build on site.

For a 2 oven delivery £400 incl. VAT
For a 4 oven delivery £500 incl. VAT

Within a 150 mile radius from us (outside 150 miles POA)

2 oven PLINTH 50MM/60MM/70MM/80MM – £150 incl. VAT
4 oven PLINTH 50MM/60MM/70MM/80MM – £200C incl. VAT

The reason why the Aga makes an outstanding appliance to re-condition is that it’s made out of British cast iron. We only use the castings of a cooker which are shot blasted and vitreous enamelled in the colour of your choice.

All other parts are replaced with brand new components.

Reconditioned Deluxe Agas can know be purchased in 40 plus different colours as shown below, or click the colour board for actual colours.

Please click the image to see a diagram with all the ‘Aga Deluxe’ dimensions.

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Aga Deluxe 2 Oven Standard Colours

Aga Deluxe 2 Oven Specialist Colours

Aga Deluxe 4 Oven Specialist Colours

Aga Deluxe 4 Oven Specialist Colours