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Royal Solid Fuel

The Rayburn Royal solid fuel cooker when first introduced only came in cook only and cook with domestic hot water models. It was also limited to a small number of colours.

They came in a left hand oven and a right hand oven version. The Rayburn has one continuous hot plate, one half being the main hot plate (above the fire) whilst the other half being for just simmering. It also features two ovens, a main top oven and a lower warming oven.

A reconditioned Rayburn Royal Cooker is now available in 40 plus different colours.

We only keep the castings of the Rayburn which is vitreous enamelled in the colour of your choice, and all the other components are replaced i.e. Shot Blasted ovens, new powder coated sides, chrome, bricks, riddling assembly, door liners, temp gauge, oven racks and the backing tray.

It also has the capability to control your central heating, ranging from 3 to 5 radiators, 5 to 6 radiators and even 7 to 9 radiators.

As part of the reconditioning process we add a larger capacity boiler increasing the output in order for the Rayburn to cope with your central heating requirements efficiently. These changes do not effect the performance of the Rayburn in any way.

Please click on the image to view a diagram complete with the ‘Royal Solid Fuel’ dimensions.

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Rayburn Royal Solid Fuel Standard Colours

Can have either left hand or right hand oven

Rayburn Royal Solid Fuel Special Colours

Can have either left hand or right hand oven

*colours are an example and may vary slightly from the images