Expert Aga Electric Conversion Cookers

Whilst still providing you with the Country Style look you require
At Country Style Cookers, we can provide a reconditioned electric Aga range oven to propel your cooking into the 21st century. Our Eco Aga range has all the characteristics and benefits of a traditional Aga, but with the flexibility and affordability that an electric Aga delivers.

The benefits of an Aga electric oven

  • Reduced fuel costs – When fossil fuel prices are soaring, an electric Aga provides an eco-friendly and more cost-efficient method of running a range cooker.
  • No maintenance or infrastructure costs – Unlike an Aga running on gas or anthracite, an electric conversion requires no periodic maintenance or flue for the oven.
  • An electric Aga is safer – There is zero risk of any carbon monoxide or gas leaks with an electric Eco Aga.
  • Total cooking control – With a reconditioned electric Aga, you will have individual hot plate control and complete oven command allowing for greater flexibility whether you’re baking, roasting or simmering food.

How our Aga Electric Conversion process works

We recondition all the Aga cookers we supply and install, keeping only the original iron castings. All the other elements are responsibly recycled before we shot blast the oven and base to remove any scaling or rust. You can select from a broad range of colours for your Aga to be enamel finished before finalising delivery and installation date. Our engineers will deliver the Aga in its components before constructing it onsite.

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