Rayburn More Information

Before buying your cooker from us, read below and learn some useful Rayburn cookers information that could help you become a more informed consumer.

Size and Capabilities

This model is similar to a larger option called the Aga. It is a cooker equipped with two ovens, and some include a boiler that’s able to accommodate your home central heating and hot water needs, too.

We stock the Supreme / Nouvelle and Royal versions. The latter is available in a right or left-hand oven design that’s powered by solid fuel or oil. A multi-fuel option is available as well. The Supreme/Nouvelle only comes as a multi-fuel model with a right-hand oven. It can supply heating for up to nine radiators, plus handle the hot water needs of your home.

Electric Possibilities

Ask for details about electric powered models. We carry fully reconditioned 13-amp Rayburns that were initially oil fired, but have been updated to serve modern households. These can be run for as little as £15 – £20 per week, and do not require your home to have a chimney. There are no associated costs for service, and these units operate either with the thermostat or a built-in mechanical timer.

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Preparing Your Order

After you’ve reviewed the applicable Rayburn cookers information and decided you’re ready to purchase, many of the main components will get re-enamelled in the shade of your choice. We check all cast iron parts for excessive wearing and make replacements as necessary.

All models get new boilers installed, and if you decide to purchase a solid fuel unit, it will come with new firebricks. After we’ve finished getting everything ready for you, we can arrange a delivery and even install the unit if you request that service in advance.

Contact us now and see for yourself how these cookers could make your life easier just as they have for others since being released in 1946.