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Royal Oil & Electric

Oil & electric Rayburn cookers have been depended upon for generations, thanks in large part to their versatility. Although the electrically powered models are only suitable for cooking, the wick-burning units can also be used to accommodate central heating needs for three to five radiators around your home, provide hot water, and help with cooking.

Country Style Cookers Rayburn Electrical Conversion Model

This unit was originally powered by oil and gas, but due to demand for more modernized options, it is now available in this current form. Handily, one of these cookers can be installed almost anywhere you’d like, as long as it is situated no greater then 5 metres from an external wall. These units do not require a traditional or prefabricated chimney in order to operate. You can simply run them on a 13-Amp fused spur running on its own line.

Details About Wick Burning Options

As mentioned previously, our cookers that burn oil are ready to tackle all your cooking needs, plus home heating requirements. These units are helpful if you’d like something that meets household needs and features a streamlined build.

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Why Purchase Reconditioned Oil & Electric Rayburn Cookers?

By purchasing your cooker from us, you’ll have the choice of selecting either a right or left-hand oven/flue. That could be a major consideration if you have limitations related to where it will be placed in your home, or on which side the water pipes connect to your cooker.

Prior to a sale, all cast iron pieces, including the oven carcass, are sandblasted down and checked carefully for excessively worn areas. If any are found, those are removed and replaced with genuine parts. Our reconditioned units are also fitted with new boilers. Solid fuel models receive new firebricks, too. You can have chrome or enamelled lids as an option.

Contact us today and discuss the delivery of your unit. We will bring it to you fully assembled and place it in the desired area.

We only keep the castings of the Rayburn which is vitreous enamelled in the colour of your choice, and all the other components are replaced i.e. Shot Blasted ovens, new powder coated sides, chrome, bricks, riddling assembly, door liners, temp gauge, oven racks and the backing tray.

It also has the capability to control your central heating, ranging from 3 to 5 radiators, 5 to 6 radiators and even 7 to 9 radiators.

As part of the reconditioning process we add a larger capacity boiler increasing the output in order for the Rayburn to cope with your central heating requirements efficiently. These changes do not effect the performance of the Rayburn in any way.

Please click the image to see a diagram with all the ‘Oil & Electric Rayburn Royal’ dimensions.

Rayburn Royal Oil & Electric In Standard Colours

Can have either left hand or right hand oven

Rayburn Royal Oil & Electric In Special Colours

Can have either left hand or right hand oven