Aga Ranges

Country Style Cookers are national suppliers of reconditioned and refurbished Aga cookers, which can be run on oil, gas or 13 amp electric.The Aga is made from cast iron, which makes it a fantastic appliance to be reconditioned.

We only ever use the castings of a cooker, which are shot blasted and vitreous enamelled in the colour of your choice (with 40 plus colours to choose from).

We can supply you with two styles of aga.

All our reconditioned Aga cookers are delivered in kit form, our Aga engineers will deliver and build on site.

For a 2 oven delivery £400 incl. VAT
For a 4 oven delivery £500 incl. VAT

Within a 150 mile radius from us (outside 150 miles POA)

2 oven PLINTH 50MM/60MM/70MM/80MM – £150 incl. VAT
4 oven PLINTH 50MM/60MM/70MM/80MM – £200C incl. VAT

The Aga traditional is the most retro looking of the models we can supply, with its original looking features it has the charisma and character which doesn’t look out of place in a modern or more contemporary kitchen, although the cooker dates back to 1922.

The Aga deluxe, with its three doors all matching in size and the subtle appearance it does have a more modern and clinical appearance. Originally released in the late 60’s the deluxe model gave the Aga customers a choice in styles.

Please click on the ‘Deluxe’ and ‘Traditional’ links above for further information and colour styles etc.

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