Rayburn Ranges

Rayburn cookers are available now from Country Style Cookers, Ltd. We feature an appealing range of reconditioned models that perform reliably and look great, but are more suitable for sensible budgets than new models.

A Solid History

Since 1946, people from all backgrounds have depended on them and appreciated their versatility. One of these cookers can not only help with culinary tasks around the kitchen, but also competently handle your home’s hot water and central heating requirements.

Additionally, it generates a significant amount of heat naturally during the cooking process, and if you use it to burn wood, you’ll be doing something that supports environmental sustainability.

Once you purchase a cooker and begin using it in your residence, you’ll see why generations of households have viewed this appliance as a useful staple of everyday life.

Purchase Options

We are proud to offer our customers a choice between Rayburn cookers. All of them are based on a larger model known as the Aga. The Royals unit is available with either a right or left-hand oven to suit your preferences. Pick from modern 13-amp electric conversion, solid fuel, oil, or multi-fuel varieties.

Alternatively, explore the possibilities of purchasing a Supreme unit, also known as the Nouvelle. Note, it is only available as a right-hand oven, but this multi-fuel appliance is capable of being used for all the cooking in your home, plus accommodate your hot water requirements and provide heating through as many as nine radiators.

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Brighten Up Your Kitchen

Regardless of which cooker you buy, all are available in 40 plus beautiful colours. Start shopping today and find one that fits with the nterior décor and makes your life simpler. Our staff at Country Style Cookers, Ltd. is ready to help you find a cooker to suit your lifestyle. Contact us by e-mail or telephone today.